Health & Life

Many of our clients choose to bundle their individual dental and vision insurance for better coverage. Contact us today to speak with Cameron Meers and we can get finding the best vision, dental, hearing and supplemental insurance!

Vision Insurance

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. 

Encompass 65 works to find vision health insurance that fits your budget while providing the coverage you need. 

Dental Insurance 

Maintaining proper dental health is important to your overall health. The condition of your mouth can reveal other health problems developing, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, Parkinson’s, liver disease, and more! 

Encompass 65  works with multiple dental insurance companies to provide our clients full coverage dental insurance.

Critical Care & Indemnity Insurance

Health insurance and Medicare plans cover a lot, but there are always out-of-pocket costs that insurance cannot cover. This is why Encompass 65 helps provide clients additional insurance plans for critical care, long-term care, and indemnity situations.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plans

What is hospital indemnity? This type of policy helps cover the out-of-pocket costs that your regular health insurance cannot cover. Hospital indemnity plans will pay a cash benefit that helps cover ambulance, co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, hospital stays, and anything else that might not be covered.

Cancer Insurance Policy

In addition to your other insurance, cancer indemnity insurance will help cover the expenses associated with treating cancer. Like hospital indemnity insurance, cancer insurance will pay a cash benefit directly to you and can be used however you need. The cash from the cancer insurance policy can be used to cover hospital stays, surgery, anesthesia, additional doctor opinions, chemotherapy, prescriptions, hospice care, outpatient visits, and travel costs.

Critical Care Insurance

When illness strikes, the out-of-pocket costs and time off work can be detrimental to your finances. Having a critical illness plan will help keep you covered to pay for those expenses. A monthly cash amount is issued to cover medical bills with additional benefits paid if you have to enter a nursing home or assisted living facility at the end of your care.

Long Term Care Health Insurance

Much like critical care insurance, a long term care policy provides a daily cash benefit to cover costs of health care services that are provided in an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or an at-home nurse. The difference between long term health care and critical care insurance is two-fold. For critical care, you are provided a monthly lump sum to cover hospital and medical bills for a prolonged illness. For a long term care insurance policy, you are giving a daily amount to cover costs associated with needing daily nurse or doctor assistance